Micronomics is an economic research and consulting firm.

We believe that economics is a science. It provides powerful tools for understanding. Economics guides the observer through complex market activities and produces answers about what happened and why. Economic research does not take place in the laboratory. To the contrary, massive quantities of data, imperfect information and simultaneous influences are the norm. As a result, our work requires a thorough understanding of economic theory, an awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of alternative approaches, and lengthy experience addressing real-world problems and data. We consider carefully the teachings of academic texts, but resist ill-considered or blind application of textbook formulas.

Economic research requires educated, well-trained and experienced economists and analysts. It also requires experienced direction. Micronomics provides both. Our staff shares aptitude, respect and dedication for problem solving and for the science of economics, and we are committed to understanding the economic world in which we live.